21st Birthday Celebration

That's right, South Brisbane Eagles Hockey Club turns 21 this year and we are definitely going to celebrate with a party, so Watch this Space

If you want to be on organising committee please email

Club Awareness Day

SBE has committed to holding a Club Awareness Day each year. The idea is for the Club to choose a charity to support and raise awareness for that charity. The awareness day will be run  on our club day at Downey Park at a date yet to be determined.

Annual BWHA Working Bee - Downey Park

farmto table

Saturday 16th March 2019

8.00am - 10.00am

We are calling on all Junior and Senior Grass Players/Supporters to please volunteer to participate in the BWHA working bee to help the club fulfill its obligations. All players who are not already involved in volunteering activities are asked to please put your hand up to participate. 

Coordinators - Narelle Cripps & Erica Leighton

Task 1
Gurney club house balcony, scrub railings, clean windows and door frames
Equipment need: Gurney, hose, double adapter, scrubbing brushes, rubber gloves, clean cloth and bucket

Task 2
Gurney Clubhouse Back Stairs, Gurney two fire exit doors on Green terrace side of clubhouse,  Scrub Stair Railings, Remove rubbish from garden and around stairs and Rake GardenScrub 
Equipment need: Gurney, hose, double adapter, scrubbing brushes, clean cloth, bucket, rake and broom.

Please email by Friday 8 March, indicating which activity you wish to undertake in order of your preferences. 

Thank you
SBE Executive Committee


U7 & U9 Fixtures Commence
Boys J3 Fixtures commence
BWHA U18 Rep trials week 2
BWHA U13 Rep trials week 1
BWHA U11 Development (pm)
BWHA U11 Rep player nominations close
Grass Training
Juniors - 5.30pm - 6.30pm
Seniors - 6.30pm - 8.00pm
Home Grounds - Mansfield
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